Boulder Free School

Boulder Free School

My monthly class, Pick An Herb, is on temporary hiatus.

My full-time certification work has been, though exhilarating, time-consuming and exhausting to juggle with full-time grocery store work. It makes my heart ache that I just can’t seem to “do it all” but, I’d rather my heart ache for this over having my heart ache for hosting half-assed classes.

When I first moved to Boulder, I immediately started searching for something similar to the Ann Arbor Free Skool that was such a large, vibrant entity – full of classes and workshops to just have space to discuss. Discovering the new Boulder Free School was super exciting, I assumed I could fit more on my plate – believe it, I want nothing more than to share herbal wisdoms with you all. But as of now, the energy must be elsewhere.

However, things will be lightening up soon. I’d like to set my “personal deadline” to return to the Boulder Free School teaching about herbs, on my 23rd birthday, February 24th, 2013. What a lovely birthday gift to me, to return to hosting classes with Innisfree Poetry Bookstore & Cafe! Yeah!

 “As one of three exclusively-poetry bookstores in the United States, Innisfree Poetry Bookstore & Cafe creates and fosters a daily, living space for lovers of poetry, of all ages… The store also proudly carries Conscious Coffees, the award winning Boulder-based coffee roaster dedicated to the pursuit of Fair Trade and Organic coffee all over the world.”



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