Hello! My name’s Emma.

I grew up in the backwoods of Michigan on farmland, forest and grassy marshes. I was raised by a family of healers – now living in Colorado, I’ve recently begun my own journey to become a healer through Just For Health School of Reflexology and Healing Arts, gaining accreditation as a Master Herbalist through their intensive Botanical Medicine program.

The biggest blessing: I’m serving my elders and my generation and the next youth harmoniously. We can’t let the good intent of our elders fade out. Complete credit of inspiration goes to those who brought us in! We must listen to them and learn from them with our own, natural good intent to improve our wellbeing, and approach our need to survive in the healthiest way possible. We can teach our own children well, someday.

I’m proud of myself for embarking on the focus of educating others – about not only botanical medicine, but about nutrition and real food, vitamin and mineral therapy, energetics, aromatherapy, meridians, acupressue points, self-sustainment, gardening, homesteading…  basically, there’s a whole lot of really awesome things I am thrilled to have learned, am learning about, or will someday learn – just because I’d like to help you out if you need it. A favorite thought is of people truly knowing how to take the best care of themselves, to not consider themselves victims of situations, but instead as crafting their own wellbeing. I want to be a source of information to guide people on their own individual self-healing realizations!

Despite my interests in many segments of the spectrum of  – what they call “alternative” – medicine, I’d like to keep this little corner of the blogosphere to serve as a collection of herbal information and wisdoms, materia medica style, coinciding with my journey through my botanical medicine program and beyond.

Perhaps this blog is simply an outlet to plug in my focus-machine?

If you can’t seem to enjoy what you’re doing, consider the concept of doing what you want to do, instead. Take care!


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