Boulder’s 2013 Flood: Recovery


Simple ideas to help the body keep up with the clean up.

Stagnant water brings the opportunity for molds, mildews, bacteria and bugs. Not to mention – wet climate is the very opposite of what a Boulderite’s respiratory system is accustomed to! Repairing the damage with fresh carpet, new paint, and chemical cleaners present yet another environmental hazard.

For those who suffered the most in property damage and displacement from the flood, many blessings for a smooth come back! May these ideas help alleviate some of the damage.

Use an essential oil room diffuser, either a plug in or one that uses a candle, to infuse the flooded areas in your home with anti-bacterial oils. A blend of Oregano, Rosemary, Lavender and Eucalyptus oils can help the cleanse the air. Use a few drops of each oil in the diffuser, continually as the clean-up proceeds. Don’t worry about having all of the oils – one or two of these will do, especially Oregano.

Deeply breathing in these anti-microbial oils directly from the bottle often through the days of clean-up and afterwards can assist the respiratory system to clear out any undesired invaders, as well. Sleep with these oils dabbed on a cotton ball nearby.

Drinking herbal teas that support the Respiratory system can be beneficial, as well. The wonderful organic tea company Traditional Medicinals carries two tea blends in particular: Breathe Easy and Everyday Detox. Having these two teas everyday may assist the body in keeping up good health. You can find these teas on the shelf at most grocery stores.

For the chemical hazards of the clean-up such as carpet off-gassing or fresh paint, try drinking Traditional Medicinals Dandelion Root tea, along with their Everyday Detox tea. This assists the Liver in staying decongested, to effectively flush out the toxicity of these chemicals out of the body as quickly as possible. Ventilate the home often and best as possible.

Such a shake-up brings in stress, too. Don’t forget about your mental well-being! If things feel overwhelming, try out Bach’s Rescue Remedy – a blend of flower essences designed to calm the mind. Remember to breathe consciously – breathe in gratitude for the worst that didn’t come, breathe out the worries and fears that did come… breathe in open space for peace to take nest, breathe out negativity overwhelming the spirit. Take adequate time to rest and relax.

After a successful clean-up, use a spray bottle filled with water and the anti-microbial essential oils mentioned above to spray down your home to thwart any bugs. For every ounce of water, 5 drops of the 4 oils. The antibacterial spray can be used for the car, as well. Be sure to use home testing kits for molds and gasses, to double-check the quality of the air you live in.

Take good care! Feel free to contact me with questions @ Pick An Herb’s facebook page


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